How it works?

What Makes the Ultra Body Program Different?

While other weight loss programs may emphasize point counting, strenuous exercise, and severely restricting your diet, we take a VERY DIFFERENT APPROACH. At Ultra Body, we focus on naturally balancing your body’s hormones and eliminating bad habits while working with your lifestyle to design a weight management program that works for you.

Our Plan is Unique

Our plan is customized to meet your weight loss goals by shedding unwanted pounds quickly and naturally while relieving hormonal and adrenal imbalance symptoms.  More importantly, we will help you keep the weight off for good!  Upon completing our program, you will have the tools and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life! 

All Natural Supplements

Our organic all natural products provide the support you need to nourish your adrenals, thyroid and hormonal system to achieve their optimal performance.  Our Wellness Consultants will review a detailed symptom checklist to determine the proper supplementation that works with your body’s natural hormone balancing process.  Ultra Body’s supplements are designed to realign estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels so that you can lose weight, eliminate symptoms and support a healthy stress response.  Since hormone levels vary by individual, our supplements act as a “vitamin” to support your hormone, thyroid and adrenal production at levels optimal to YOUR body. 

One-On-One Support

Your goal is our goal.  You will receive one-on-one guidance and support from one of our Wellness Consultants who will arm you with knowledge and practical tools which you will benefit from long after you attain your weight loss goals.  Our Wellness Consultants provide accountability and support through your entire weight loss journey and beyond.

Hormone Balancing is a Critical Component to Increasing Metabolism, Losing Weight and Feeling Better!

Hormones play a huge role in our lives, especially when it comes to metabolism and weight loss.  When our bodies are out of balance, our immune system suffers, and additional symptoms surface.  This results in stubborn weight, anxiety, depression, night sweats, hair loss, thyroid disorders, prolonged and painful cycles, PMS, and many other symptoms that our program can mitigate or even eliminate. If your system is out of balance, weight loss becomes difficult and, in many cases, impossible. Our program is designed to address those issues using natural supplementation.

Start Your Journey Now

Booking online is easy!  Tell us your zip code so we can identify your nearest Ultra Body center.  You will be able to select a date and time as well as choose if you would like to meet in person or virtually.

Is hormone balance the right fit for you?

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